Portfolio Category: Pipelines

Yuma Meter Spool Change-out

Yuma Meter Spool Change-out. Yuma, AZ. Project scope- removal of designated natural gas pipe spool sections, blast and coat new spool sections, install new spool sections, retrofit supports and walkways to accommodate new equipment, install instrumentation upgrades, remove non-functioning tubing and instrumentation, and re-install new tubing and instrumentation for optimal flow and meter operation.

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Filter Install

Ehrenberg Filter Install. Ehrenberg, AZ. Project Scope- Hydro excavate and install shielding for safe entry into the excavation, weld reinforcement band and valve flange onto 30” natural gas pipeline, hot tap 30” pipeline, install operator, re-route and install above ground piping, install footings and supports for piping and new coalescing filter, install filter and make connections, sand blast and recoat all affected piping and equipment to client and manufacturer specifications.

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Natural Gas Valve Recoat

Valve recoat and wrap. Ione, OR. Project scope was to excavate and shore the excavation for safe entry, sandblast and recoat the valve to client and manufacturer specifications.

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